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Популярные мелодии и песни ( 1940е)

Популярные мелодии и песни ( 1940е)

Ink Spots. If I din't care.

If I didn't care( Miss Pettigrew lives for a day)

Coleman Hawkins. Body and soul(1940)

Glenn MIller. In the mood(1940)

Andrews sisters.Boogie Woogie bugle boy(1941)

Earl Hines. Stormy monday blues(1942)

Bing Crossby.Oh,what a beautiful morning!(1943)

I'm making believe. Ella Fitzgerald$ Ink Spots(1944)

Andrews sisters.Rum and coca cola(1945)

Doris Day and Les Brown. Sentimental journey.

Nat King Cole. Christmas song(1946)

Freedy Martin. Bumble boogie(1948)

Nat King Cole. Mona Lisa.(1950)

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