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ELO,Rolling Stones и the Beatles...

Electric Light Orchestra ( ELO), Rolling Stones ,the Beatles.
ELO. Calling America.
ELO .Sweet talking woman.
ELO. Hold on tight.
ELO. Livin' thing.
ELO. Rock'n'Roll is king.
ELO. Rockaria.
Rolling stones. Fool to cry.
Rolling stones. Jumping Jack flash.
Rolling stones.You can't always get what you want.
Rolling stones. Ruby tuesday.
the Beatles. Here comes the sun.
the Beatles. Get back.
Paul McCartney. Band on the run.
the Beatles. Let it be.
John Lennon. Imagine.
John Lennon. Jealous guy.
the Beatles. Maxwell's silver hammer.
Rolling Stones. She is a rainbow.
 Rolling Stones.Beast of burden
Tags: Любимая музыка и композиции.

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