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Добрый старый рок.

Добрый старый рок.

Animals. House of the rising sun.

Наконец-то я нашел две песни,которые любил еще с 1970х- Never marry a railroadman(Shocking blue),Lay back in the arms of someone.(Smokie)

Shocking Blue. Blue.Never marry a railroad man.

Smokie.Lay back in the arms of someone.
Uriah Heep.
Peter,Paul and Mary.Stewball.

Abba. Waterloo. have a dream. Trooper.
Deep Purple. Smoke on the water.
Pretenders. Brass in pocket.
Cindy Lauper.Girls just want to have fun.

Moody blues.
Moody blues. Your wildest dreams.
Pink Floyd. One of these days.


Creedence Clearwater Revival.(CCR) Floyd. Time.
Pink FLoyd. Money. Mac.Farmer's daughter.
Fleetwood Mac. You make loving fun. Nicks. Gypsy.
Quarterflash. Harden my heart. Toy soldiers.
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