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Рок 'н' ролл-король!

 Рок' н' ролл-король!
Этот пост я решил проиллюстрировать фотографиями групп и певцов.

Cars. Cars. Magic. Smokie. Lay back in the arms of someone.

Moody Blues.

Alan Parsons project.

Alan Parsons project. Alan Parsons project.Sooner or later.

Creedence Clearwater Revival.  CCR.Molina. CCR. LOng as I can see the light.

Shocking Blue. Shocking blue. Never marry a railroad man.

Queen. Queen '39.

Electric Light Orchestra. Sweet talkin' woman. Electric Light Orchestra. Rock'n'Roll is king.

Jeff Lynn(Electric Light Orchestra).

Eagles. Eagles. Last resort.

Fleetwood MAC. Fleetwood Mac. You make loving fun.

Fleetwood MAC. Fleetwood Mac. Think 'bout me.

Moody Blues. For my lady.

Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart D'ya think I'm sexy? Rod Stewart. Twistin' the night away.

Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd. Wish you were here.

Neil Young. 
Neil Young.Harvest.
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