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Услышал на работе байку забавную,увы,на руссккий не перевести..не то будет,  "смажется"концовка..

A man dies. An angel in white robe came to him and told him:
-You have a choice to go to heaven or hell,it's  up to you,you have that option.
A man replies: Gee..I don't  know...
Can't you give me a tip or something about that?

An angel replied: Tell you what.Why don't you check BOTH - the heaven and hell and whatever you'll like best, you'll choose.
A man agreed and went first to heaven.
It was beautiful and peaceful there,quiet,tranquil.Tye angels were playing soft music with its harps...
A man found it very boring and decided to check on Hell.
So he went to hell,where he found a HUGE party going on in a great castle.
Beautiful women ,lot's of booze,dancing and partying,gambling all night long and all sort of Entertainment.
He absolyutely loved and asked the guard at the door if he could go to Hell instead of Heaven.
Sure thing-answered teh guard and told him to be at the gate next morning, 8:00, sharp.
The next morning that man went to the gates,where he was escorted to the big elevator,whcih brought him down to a huge cavernous room.
In it he saw gigantic fires ,sulfur,and all sorts of people roasting in that fire.
-That's your place--pointed to the fires his guard.
--Wait a minute!-screamed the man, --What about the fun i saw yesterday here?
-Ah,that-, smiles his guard, -That was just a Promotional party...

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