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для англоязычных жж-друзей.. ;-)

для англоязычных жж-друзей.. ;-) Забавное.

Такой вот забавный диалог недавно подслушали я с Карен в книжном магазине в городе Ментосино,что в северной Калифорнии.


When we went to a bookstore in Mentosino,Northern California we 've heard this kind of conversation.
( Apparently,between the boyfriend and a girfriend, who worked at the store).
Jane : What's your plans for tonight?
Michael: Well.. we can go to a chinese restaurant.
Jane : Naw.. Why don't we go to the movie ,and then we'll
have sex.
Michael(рассеянно.(still scouting the newspaper for the movies):
-What's showing? 
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