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Могила известного японского поэта в жанре хайку- Ёса Бусон.


Эти хайку Карен написала ,когда у нее был арт-класс в колледже Pacifica Graduate Institute.

King and queen,divine child
images of balance
brushed with gold

In the lab of the Master
mysterious magic
turns matter into gold.

Self is the Soul
the wisper and the roar of God
Buddha's quiet laughter.

Circle in a square
citadel of safe harbour
the center is Self.

Divine journely to
this sacred place-no ruby
slippers to find home.

Unity defined
encircled in the light of
Buddha's smile and Christ silent tears.

А Эти хайку-когда она брала класс в Cal State Fullerton (English 217/Haiku writing)

Riverboats stand by
green waters of my childhood-
images reborn.

The noncoformists
all wear black-a uniform
to hide loneliness.

"yes,faith is fragile",
she said,tossing the gold cross
into the river.

Fog in the canyon
A cold shroud of gray silence
rescue by the Sun.

Crows over wheatfield-
the artist's heart in colors
none would understand.

Lost in confusion-
the traveler's bus passes
his destination.

Path between two trees
crushed yellow grass vanishes
in twilight shadow.

Fall of the hero
demise by ancient decree
reverence undone.

Ordinary leaf
heralds the season's changes-
the end of summer.

Escaping winter
birds fly south to nameless warmth,
destined but unknown.

Black bird on lampost
rests just for a moment-then
returns to night sky.

Ocean at midnight
moonlight like silver satin
rushing to shore.

Amaryllis blooms
in the house of my mother-
arrival of spring.

Writing with eyes closed
images return now like
pigeon flying home.

А это вот мои вирши. :)

Water flows softly.
quiet gentleness waking-
A new day begins.

Shadow of the tree
covering the green grass patch
birds sing their love song.

The place is called home.
where all my dreams are sleeping,
warm hearth is waiting.

Dreams are like flowers;
tears,laughter,bind together
happiness and fear.

Snow falls softly down
pines stand like sentinels-
guard silent forest.

Heart at the crossroads;
quest for the meaning of life-
the naswer is near.

Coldness of nothing
beguiled even the lovers
dark winter of death.

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